KYVE Network KYVE Network

KYVE Data-Lake

KYVE Datalake

Making Data Decentralized

  • Immutability
  • Validation
  • Nodes
  • Web2/Web3

KYVE, the Web3 data lake, enables decentralized data validation and immutability for all forms of on- and off-chain data sets, ensuring the scalability, reliability, and availability of these resources over time.

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Immutable Storage

All data run through KYVE is stored onto permanent data storage solutions, making it immutable for secure sourcing. Currently, KYVE stores its data onto Arweave.

Decentralized Trustless Validation

All data run through KYVE gets validated in a decentralized way via its protocol, only bringing forward 100% accurate, up-to-date data from the correct source.


KYVE has an on-chain governance mechanism led by our stakeholders for passing text proposals, changing chain parameters, using funds from the community pool, and more. Discussions found on our Forum and Discord.

Protocol Nodes

KYVE has two types of nodes: consensus validators, the backbone of the chain layer, and protocol validators, those that collect data, then bundle, upload, and verify it. To standardize running protocol validators, KYVE provides the developer tool KYSOR.

How KYVE Works

All developers need access to valid data. Via KYVE, they can simply input the desired endpoint and fund a pool with $KYVE to start fetching and validating the data they need. For node runners wanting to participate in the protocol, they will be the ones fetching, bundling, storing, and validating the data to earn $KYVE rewards.

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KYVE’s native token, $KYVE, is an essential part of the blockchain. On a chain level, $KYVE is used for staking and delegating, securing the network through Proof of Stake. Furthermore, $KYVE is used on the protocol level for funding, staking, and delegating, incentivizing participants to behave accordingly.

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Retrieve your data

KYVE Pipeline KYVE Pipeline

Your Gateway to Reliable Data

  • No-Code
  • Web2/Web3
  • Consumer

Data Pipeline allows KYVE data to be imported into any data source supported by Airbyte within just a few clicks! Eliminating the need for indexers, this pipeline eases trustless data sourcing for researchers and engineers alike.

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More solutions coming soon.

Want to create your own data-sourcing solution?

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KYVE Datalake

Going Multi-Chain

  • Crosschain
  • Web 3
  • B2B

Bringing valid, immutable data cross-chain via IBC and Axelar’s multi-chain bridge to enable trustless access and use of KYVE data on dApps and blockchains no matter the network.

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