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  • No-Code
  • Web2/Web3
  • Consumer

Data Pipeline allows KYVE data to be imported into any data source supported by Airbyte within just a few clicks. Via the ELT format, data analysts and engineers alike can easily implement KYVE data in a trustless way, no longer worrying about the validity or reliability of the data they are sourcing.


No-Code Solution

No code is required in order to use Data Pipeline, contrary to other solutions when sourcing data from KYVE or directly from storage providers KYVE stores data onto.

Source Trustless Data

Data Pipeline allows all to source directly from KYVE, a data lake that fetches specific data sets and validates them in a decentralized way, making the data a trustless, public good.

Customizable Implementation

KYVE works with raw data, meaning that when you import it from Data Pipeline, you can transform it however you need to best fit your use case. On top of this, via Airbyte, the sync and update times are also customizable.

Accessible For All

Anyone can use Data Pipeline to fetch data from KYVE and implement it into their project, or use it for their node, etc. KYVE only works with public data and aims to stand by our mission of keeping data public.

How it Works

Select which data pool from KYVE’s data lake you want to source from, decide where you want the data to be imported, customize your settings to best fit your use case, and let Data Pipeline & Airbyte do the rest!

KYVE Network

Your data source

KYVE Datalake KYVE Datalake

Making Data Decentralized

  • Immutability
  • Validation
  • Nodes
  • Web2/Web3

KYVE, the Web3 data lake, brings any type of data on-chain, validating it in a decentralized way and making it immutably available for query. / OR / KYVE’s data lake enables data providers to validate and permanently store on- and off-chain data, ensuring the scalability, immutability, and availability of their resources for fast and secure building.

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