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Mission Korellia


Introducing Mission Korellia

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a team of passionate individuals banded together to build KYVE, a system that enables projects to standardize, validate, and permanently store their data. Now, part-way through our mission to mainnet, we are thrilled to launch our incentivized testnet, helping build towards a perfected KYVE blockchain! Together, complete tasks, build up your ranking, and unlock $KYVE rewards.

Mission Korellia is now complete! A big thank you to all who participated, points & rewards will be distributed in due time. KYVE is now back in testnet.

For Korellians taking part in the mission, we’ve got a special pot of $KYVE token rewards, which accounts for 2% of the entire token supply!iUsers will share rewards pools containing 1% of our total token supply, and another 1% will be delegated.

Rewards Details

Mission Control

Envision your Experience

Mission Korellia was made with the users in mind, bringing forward a unique interface and an explorative journey for developers, node runners, and more to participate in. The platform allows you to clearly track your rewards and tasks submitted, animate a team environment, and more. To guide you along the way, there is a personal dashboard, a featured leaderboard highlighting our star users, multiple faucets for claiming $KYVE, as well as the Motherboard, a unique task tracking page giving the overall progress of the mission.

Korellia Motherboard

A Unique NFT

The Korellia Motherboard symbolizes the overall progress users have made during the incentivized testnet. It tracks the points made per team according to the tasks submitted, with each milestone met unlocking $KYVE rewards for the users (amount will also vary according to their leaderboard ranking). It’s a real team effort! To reach the max amount of $KYVE rewards, you need to work together to make sure each team reaches all milestones on the Motherboard.

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Team Building

Earn Points

During the first month of Mission Korellia, users worked in teams according to their specialty: Design, Community, or Engineering. Now with Phase 1 complete, and the Community and Design tasks accomplished, Mission Korellia has moved on to Phase 2! Bringing forward more focus on the Engineering team. The more tasks you complete, the more points you earn, not only increasing your ranking on the leaderboard to qualify for $KYVE rewards, but also boosting your team on the Motherboard, unlocking higher level rewards for all.

  • Design

    Cover tasks such as creating video tutorials, meme content, unique KYVE visuals, and more.

    See tasks
  • Community

    Tackle the social media side of KYVE, RTing our content, spreading word about KYVE to others, etc.

    See tasks
  • Engineering

    Innovate the KYVE chain by bringing forward bug reports, launching and testing protocol nodes, participating in governance, and more.

    See tasks


Connected users have an array of prepared tasks to complete, as well as the option to submit your own idea! The more tasks accomplished, the more points you earn, bringing you to the top of the leaderboard qualifying for $KYVE rewards. The KYVE team loves learning from our community, and are looking forward to seeing what you all discover while exploring our testnet.

Phase 1 of Mission Korellia is now complete, having ended on June 3rd at 12PM UTC. All tasks submitted before this date will still be reviewed.

Task submissions are currently paused and will recommence on June 20th with the launch of Phase 2. Please note that the task topics are subject to change, so no tasks from Phase 1 will be accepted once Phase 2 begins.


    Congratulations! This team has completed all of its tasks.

  • Submit as many transactions as possible

    Limited Time: June 22, 2022, from 12-2 PM UTC

    Pts dependant on results
  • Stop a bundle creation of a pool

    Pts dependant on results
  • Hack an existing pool

    Pts dependant on results
  • Upload incorrect data

    Pts dependant on results
  • Try to undelegate more than your initial delegation

    Pts dependant on results
  • Try to exploit the chain

    Pts dependant on results
  • Governance Vote

    Participate in KYVE’s governance

    10 pts per vote How to
  • Staking

    Stake $KYVE to support protocol nodes

    130 pts max How to
  • Delegating

    Help secure the KYVE network by delegating

    150 pts max How to
  • Funding

    Help fund a pool

    50 pts max How to
  • Create Bundle

    Protocol nodes only

    50 pts per bundle How to
  • Vote Correctly

    Protocol nodes only

    1 pt per correct vote


To join the Community Team, you must complete the Twitter Claim task first before starting the others.

    Congratulations! This team has completed all of its tasks.

  • Claim on Twitter

    1 time only

    150 pts total Claim here
  • Follow our Twitter


    100 pts total
  • Claim on the Korellia Wheel

    1 Spin every 24 hrs

    1/5/10 pts per spin Claim here


    Congratulations! This team has completed all of its tasks.

  • Create Video Tutorial

    Max 2 how-to videos on KYVE features

    1500 pts per video
  • Create Video Introduction

    Max 2 intro clips for upcoming KYVE content

    1500 pts per video
  • Create Funny Content

    Max 5 memes, 3D printable goodies, or anything fun KYVE-themed

    150 pts per content
  • Create Explanatory Content

    Max 2 explaining KYVE concepts or features

    500 pts per content