KYVE Network

We are doing to data what Blockchain did to Finance

We are making data trustless

With the acceleration of internet usage in the last 20 years, data and trust have become a focal point of the next major tech evolution.

Data and trust

A decentralized and user-verified solution

Blockchain technology came along and provided a solution to centralization problems by offering a decentralized and user-verified solution. With this exciting new technology comes underlying issues such as the storage and accessibility of the rapidly growing amount of data. At full capacity, Solana is expected to produce the equivalent of 4 Petabytes of data/year.

  • 4 Petabytes

  • =
  • 4M Gigabytes

  • =
  • 125 000 SD cards of 32GB

How KYVE fixes those problems

A decentralized archival framework

Due to its scalability, immutability, and availability, Arweave is the go-to solution for data storage. Nonetheless, data availability does not equal data validity. Therefore, we see KYVE and Arweave as complementary: while KYVE provides reliable data validity, Arweave, in contrast, focuses on data availability (replicability). Thanks to Arweave, the data can’t disappear, and with KYVE, the stored data is reliable and verified.