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Sei, the fastest DeFi L1, is committed to providing best-in-class infrastructure to develop and scale DeFi protocols across Web3. Their throughput coupled with CLOB (Central Limit Order Book) module has brought forward new capabilities and possibilities for on-chain DeFi.

How They Aim to Use KYVE

It’s no new news that the Web2 and Web3 data worlds aren’t meant to communicate with one another. Yet, Web3 still is tethered to Web2, meaning projects are constantly trying to gain access to off-chain data and bring it on-chain. However, this entire process leaves room for a single point of error or major hacks, especially if it’s done in a non-decentralized or non-trustless way.

Sei provides order book modules for creating the new wave of DeFi applications. Therefore, doing so requires constant and reliable access to Web2 data such as sports and gaming results, weather data, and more. Fetching such data and bringing it on-chain is not only tedious but very risky in terms of attack and consistency.

To solve this, Sei can leverage KYVE’s data lake by creating a pool with a special runtime for fetching such Web2 data, validating it in a decentralized way, and making it publicly available for all, enabling any builder on Sei Network to easily scale their project and include innovative Web2 to Web3 features in a trustless way.

Projected Benefits

This use case will unlock benefits for both developers within the Sei ecosystem as well as any other developer needing such data. Seeing that KYVE makes this data a public good, it’s open for anyone to use and implement into their applications without worry of invalidness or data manipulation.

For the KYVE, this expands our data sets and adds more work and incentivization for node runners within the network. Currently, Sei already has a KYVE pool running that archives their blockchain. However, this Web2 data use case is projected for the near future.

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