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Mainnet is Live

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KYVE Network

Making data a public good
for a trustless ecosystem

Unlock the Power of Trustless Data

Revolutionizing data reliability in the Web3 space, KYVE Network provides fast and easy tooling for data validation, immutability, and retrieval, ensuring trustless data for seamless scalability and eliminating data risks and roadblocks.

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    Whether it's via delegation, funding, or running a validator, KYVE’s network is ever-growing. Join us in building a truly trustless future!

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  • Access Our Trustless Data

    Start building with KYVE today and benefit from its decentralized data tooling to build a more secure, scalable project.

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    Grow to our data sets with us to help make Web3 building, participation, and analysis that much more secure and reliable.

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The KYVE Network Stack

Accelerate and secure your Web3 build via a single data platform

The KYVE Network Stack, currently consisting of the KYVE Data Lake and Data Pipeline, enables all to securely store, validate, and query on and off-chain valid data in a streamlined manner. In the end, providing trustless data for a fast, secure, and scalable build.

KYVE Datalake KYVE Datalake

Making Data Decentralized

Tell KYVE what you need, and let it do the rest!


KYVE’s network of uploaders can fetch any deterministic on- or off-chain data you need to make it trustless and easily accessible.


Data run through KYVE is validated in a decentralized way thanks to our validator network and voting consensus mechanism.


Once stored onto your preferred decentralized platform, easily retrieve and import data you need via KYVE’s sourcing solutions.

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Retrieving KYVE Datalake KYVE Datalake

Your Gateway to Reliable Data

Data Pipeline allows KYVE data to be imported into any data source supported by Airbyte within just a few clicks! Eliminating the need for indexers, this pipeline eases trustless data sourcing for researchers and engineers alike.

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Retrieving KYVE Datalake KYVE Datalake

Custom Data Importing

Import KYVE’s trustless data in a fully decentralized way by using our REST-API to build your own customized data-sourcing solution. Further secure your project’s data infrastructure today by visiting our docs.

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KYVE’s data syncing tool

KSYNC is KYVE’s data syncing tool that enables node runners to rapidly sync with any historical height of a chain that has been archived and validated by KYVE. Instead of relying on centralized, costly, or unreliable sources, rely on KYVE as your trustless data source for joining networks and analysing chain data.

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KYVE Academy

Become a Thought Leader in Web3

With Web3 evolving each day and limited resources to follow, getting involved in the space can be intimidating. The KYVE Academy is a free resource of specially curated courses and tutorials for all levels, sharing our expert knowledge in the crypto/blockchain space and further spreading awareness of KYVE’s capabilities.

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Backed by the best

"We’re thrilled to see KYVE officially launch mainnet, bringing forward yet another innovative solution, built on Cosmos SDK, for enhancing today’s developer experience. With KYVE, free and easy access to trustless data is now possible."

Chris Zhong

Technical Director @ Interchain Foundation


"We believe that KYVE solves data availability issues for high-performance blockchains. By meeting the needs and trends of the market, KYVE will become the core pillar for other blockchains."

John Park


  • Coinbase

  • Distributed Global

  • Huobi Global

  • CMS Holdings

  • Hypersphere

  • IOSG

  • Lemniscap

  • Mechanism Capital

  • Permanent Ventures

  • Zee Prime

  • Volt Capital

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