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KYVE provides next gen data management solutions, unlocking next-level scalability for blockchains and rollups.

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Managing historical data has never been easier. We deliver data rollup-as-a-services (DRaaS), fueling scalable solutions for the present and future.

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KYVE provides an Exceptional Development Experience

One of the primary missions of Cronos is to onboard the next generation of users into Web3 and provide an exceptional development experience for Web3 developers. We are immensely delighted to extend a warm welcome to KYVE within the Cronos ecosystem and look forward to their contributions towards furnishing developer accessibility to historical chain data.

Jay Lin
Director Partnerships/Growth @ Cronos

Access to reliable decentralized data across Web3 easier

Congratulations to KYVE on their mainnet launch, which will make access to reliable decentralized data across Web3 easier for all. NEAR’s focus on ease of use for developers and users with the Blockchain Operating System relies on accessing data from various blockchains, which KYVE provides.

Illia Polosukhin
Co-Founder @ Near

It is Important to Verify the Validity of the Stored Data

As blockchains finally scale through a modular approach, it becomes extremely important to verify the validity of the stored data. KYVE Network is uniquely positioned to solve that and has been executing relentlessly on that vision in the past three years. We’re more than excited to see their efforts come to fruition and proud to be their early supporters.

Gökhan ER
Managing Director @ IOSG Ventures