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Not long ago,

KYVE’s Incentivized Testnet, Mission Korellia, was completed. Korellia enabled our team to put KYVE’s features and capabilities to the test and bring forward a mainnet-ready product. However, our journey through space must make one last stop before reaching mainnet, that being on KYVE’s testnet v2, Kaon! Kaon is our “mainnet testnet,” meaning it’s our official staging environment before taking new features and storage pools to the KYVE mainnet. With that, Kaon is meant to be an - as close to mainnet - replica as possible.

From Korellia to Kaon

Kaon is a completely separate chain from Korellia, allowing our team to start from a clean slate with all of the positive learnings we gained from Mission Korellia, leaving behind any unnecessary code or impractical features. Once KYVE’s mainnet launches, Kaon will be the official testing ground for all that’s envisioned for KYVE’s future.

Kaon Roadmap

Pre-mainnet Launch

At its launch, Kaon will be open only to those who have earned real $KYVE rewards or have participated in early investments. Their real $KYVE will be matched in $tKYVE on Kaon and distributed in batches; this way, we are able to properly replicate mainnet accounts.

Public Testnet

At its launch on Feb 7th, 2023, it will focus on the chain layer, then 1-2 weeks later, open up for protocol layer participation. Kaon will work just as Korellia did, allowing users to use and earn $tKYVE on the KYVE app. Those who will be able to participate can find validator resources here.