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The KYVE Vision & Upcoming Goals

Fueling our long-term ambition: Building the ultimate trustless data hub, empowering developers entering Web3 with an unparalleled, seamless data experience.

KYVE & Its Foundation: Growing The Trustless Ecosystem

At the core of KYVE Network lies its innovative decentralized data validation and transfer protocol, a cornerstone in ensuring decentralized data validation, immutability, and seamless retrieval. Regardless of the data source, KYVE serves as a conduit to any storage or data availability layer, guaranteeing an enhanced and customizable data experience from start to finish. To further enhance the KYVE Network and foster its ongoing development, the KYVE Foundation was established. With a focus on bolstering decentralization and advancing the protocol's capabilities, the KYVE Foundation outlines the following goals and milestones to provide essential resources for the network's strength and expansion.

An Enhanced Protocol Evolution

Driving KYVE forward involves a holistic evolution of its protocol, encompassing:

  • Optimized Data User Experience: Via new web app features, testnet and devnet improvements, and continuous chain maintenance, KYVE Network’s protocol and products will be provided in a unified way and constantly enhanced to evolve into the most streamlined, user-friendly environment for seamless data management.
  • Ecosystem Expansion: Adding more storage providers, enabling validators to pay their data upload in $KYVE, getting more data pool funders, as well as expanding KYVE’s solution to new ecosystems and even into Web2 data, all support further expansion of the ecosystem.
  • Building Toward Full Decentralization: This includes presenting a decentralization roadmap, enhancing KYVE’s governance, looking into further decentralization options such as a smart-delegation/geo-stake distribution program, improving the stake ratio between chain and protocol (for example, adding automatic re-staking).

Enriching the Data Pipeline

The KYVE Network stack includes the Data Pipeline, a no-code ELT data pipeline for easy data import into any preferred backend.

  • Enhanced Data Syncing: Although it only takes a few clicks to use Data Pipeline, there are a few backend adjustments that can be made to further improve the user experience and syncing adaptability, for example, becoming a production connector in Airbyte.
  • Increasing Accessibility & External Development: Open Sourcing the basic transformation scripts, as well as optimizing the documentation will help data users further benefit from KYVE’s trustless data and avoid indexing roadblocks.

Scaling Network Syncing with KSYNC

The KYVE Network also includes KSYNC, which enables nodes to sync blocks, states, and heights from any blockchain archived and validated by KYVE.

  • Further Interchain Support: With KSYNC being such a game-changing tool for validators and already available for aiding Cosmos-based chains, it’s imperative to continue spreading awareness within the Interchain ecosystem.
  • Expanding to New Ecosystems: Continuing research into new runtimes to support other ecosystems like EVM, Solana, NEAR, and more is key for catering to all data users’ needs.

KYVE-ers Across the Globe

Growing the KYVE community is pivotal to spreading awareness of trustless data’s impact and discovering new use cases:

  • Developer Activities: Look forward to a Bug Bounty Program, new specific bounties and hackathons, and other actions to support trustless data-driven innovation from building with KYVE.
  • Global Outreach: KYVE will continue its efforts in making not only a strong online presence, but an in-person one as well, attending global conferences for intensive networking, talking directly with our users, and spreading awareness.
  • Inspiring Education: There are plans to open-source and expand KYVE’s Academy for further user education, along with planned quarterly recaps and other community-centered events to maintain ecosystem awareness and inclusion.

Together, we’re building toward a trustless future.

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