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KYVE’s network and ecosystem are ever-growing. Join us in building a truly trustless future.

  • New to KYVE?

    Join our mission of making truly trustless data a public good, providing data users and builders with the data they need to bring forward scalable, reliable, new-wave solutions.

  • KYVE Economics

    KYVE’s DPoS chain has its own native coin dubbed $KYVE. It’s an essential part of the blockchain, permitting decentralization, chain and protocol security, network incentivization, and more.

  • Validator Tooling

    The KYVE Team has brought forward an impactful node runner tool dubbed KSYNC that enables fast block and state syncing of any chain that has been validated via KYVE, eliminating historical chain data access roadblocks. We’re also constantly improving the validator experience on KYVE itself, bringing forward unique tooling to maximize efficiency and reduce resource costs, such as KYSOR and Supervysor. Explore our node tools:

  • Supported Wallets

    In order to promote full decentralization of our network and provide a smooth experience for our stakeholders, KYVE supports multiple different types of wallets.

  • Dashboards & Explorers

    At KYVE, providing our users with the resources they need is a priority. Follow KYVE’s growth, network activity, governance, and more via supported explorers and dashboards.

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Whether it's via delegation, funding, or running a validator, participating in KYVE’s network brings us that much closer to our goal of building a trustless future. Which one are you?