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Introducing KYVE

In early 2021, KYVE’s founders Fabian Riewe and John Letey came together to participate in a bounty to bridge Polkadot data to Arweave, a permanent data storage solution. After creating a valid solution, and with the help of Arweave’s founder, Sam Williams, they realized that if their solution was to be more decentralized, it could apply to other blockchains and, in turn, aid valid data accessibility for all.

Meet the Founders

  • Fabian Riewe


    Previously Data Protection Consultant at Datkon Consulting and Founder of ArVerify.

  • John Letey


    Previously CTO at th8ta and Co-Founder of Verto and ArVerify.



  • BCP Innovations UG

    Unlocking Possibilities in a Decentralized World

    The forefront of technological transformation, specializing in bespoke data solutions that enhance efficiency and transparency across digital domains.

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  • KYVE Foundation

    Growing the Trustless Ecosystem

    Empowering today’s builders with the necessary resources and trustless data to bring forward the innovative platforms and applications of tomorrow.

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Want to Join Our Team?

As a group of blockchain enthusiasts, our aim is to enrich the growing ecosystem Enabling limitless scalability for Web3. Learn more about the team behind KYVE.

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