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Archway is a Cosmos-native incentivized smart contract chain that enables developers to easily deploy high-performance dapps to be rewarded for the traffic they bring to the network. As developers build and launch impactful dapps, they receive a proportional share of network fees, inflation, and premiums. At its core, Archway is designed to enable developers to capture the value they create through sustainable economic models built into the blockchain.

How They Use KYVE

For those unaware, Archway allows for easy incentivized smart contract deployment on Cosmos, and just launched their mainnet in July 2023, with over 90 projects building in their ecosystem. With the growing complexities and elevated storage costs of archival nodes, Archway has decided to rely on KYVE, the decentralized data lake, as its solution for preserving its chain history. As archival nodes risk becoming obsolete, Archway can leverage this data pool to continue to ensure free accessibility and trustless backup of its historical chain data for its growing ecosystem.

“Embracing the power of decentralization, we are thrilled to partner with KYVE Network. This new data pool provides a trustless backup of our chain, enabling secure and flexible data sourcing for our ecosystem. We look forward to supporting KYVE as they continue to build out a fast, secure, and scalable ecosystem where trustless data flows seamlessly, revolutionizing the way we access and utilize information on the blockchain.” - Max McKendry, Head of Business Development, Phi Labs


With KYVE’s two data pools—one dedicated to blocks and block results, the other focused on state sync snapshots—ecosystem builders gain seamless access to accurate, raw-format data from Archway's blockchain history.

Mainnet data pools: Archway blocks & block results | Archway state sync

Leveraging our Data Pipeline, you can effortlessly load this data into preferred destinations (Postgres, MongoDB, BigQuery, etc.). This streamlined process enables easy data transformation, facilitating a flexible and efficient experience for builders, and empowering them to craft and innovate effortlessly. For example, you can build dashboards for tracking inflation rewards, gas rebates, or smart contract fees; as well as dedicated explorers, indexers, and more.

KYVE’s data tool KSYNC, is also another streamlined way for accessing Archway’s data from the KYVE data pools. It allows nodes to fully sync with the chain to easily join the network, or sync to any historic block, state snapshot, or height of the chain in minutes for free, something not possible before for an interchain chain!

“With Archway being a very new and promising tendermint-based chain, this is a great opportunity for KYVE to archive and validate Archway's entire blockchain in just a few days and follow along as it expands. By providing a trustless backup of Archway's block history, their network can scale without needing to worry about archival nodes or data loss in the future.” Stated KYVE’s Core Protocol Developer, Troy Kessler.

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