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Cerulean Ventures is an investment firm that believes natural assets will unlock the next $50 trillion in growth while incentivizing the regeneration of Earth through new coordination technologies. Therefore, their mission is to back crypto / Web3 companies building the infrastructure and tools necessary to scale climate impact in this decade.

How They Aim to Use KYVE

Seeing that Web3 is for the future, it’s in our spirit to find new ways to revert the current climate crisis, ensuring a sustainable future for all. To help contribute to positive change, Cerulean Ventures is backing crypto/Web3 projects building the infrastructure and tools necessary to reduce climate change, with their first investment being KYVE.

KYVE, the decentralized data lake, can provide the technology necessary to support a globally distributed system for reporting, recording verifying data on Earth's ecological state, turning it into a public good for all to benefit and build from. Data sets could include carbon emissions, specific climate measurements, ecological maps or changes, and more, all brought into one streamlined access point.

Projected Benefits

By providing this type of data in a Web3-native way, not only is the data fully trustless and decentralized – eliminating human error or manipulation – but KYVE also requires minimal energy, making less of an environmental impact compared to current solutions.

Via KYVE and Cerulean Ventures’ efforts, projects geared towards reverting the climate crisis can have more reliable, streamlined access to the necessary, valid data needed in order to bring forward innovative, trusted solutions to market.

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