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Cosmos Hub

Serving as the economic center of the Interchain, the Cosmos Hub is a blockchain that provides vital ecosystem services. The primary token of the Cosmos Hub is the ATOM, but the Hub will support many tokens in the future.

KYVE’s Cosmos Hub Data Pool

Cosmos, an ecosystem of interconnected independent blockchains, has been rapidly expanding, now with over 265 apps and services built into their network. With the goal of building an open, scalable, and interconnected economy of the future, it’s imperative for Cosmos to properly manage the data its blockchain and network are creating. By integrating KYVE’s protocol, its data will now be permanently stored in a trustless manner. This makes it easy for any developers or projects building on Cosmos to access the data they need. Our mainnet network is already in the process of archiving and validating Cosmos Hub data, soon to provide the entire historic state of Cosmos to all who need it.

Main Benefits And Use Cases

Throughout the past years of development, our team has discussed with nodes, developers, data analysts, and more, going through their different data roadblocks. A major one for nodes being easy access to historical chain data. Therefore, our team developed KSYNC, a data syncing tool that helps nodes retrieve the necessary data from KYVE and directly feed the blocks into every application in order to sync blocks and more easily join the network. Via this Cosmos Hub data pool, nodes can use KSYNC to pull from the pool and easily join Cosmos.

Archiving and validating the Cosmos Hub blockchain in a decentralized way also provides more secure data analysis opportunities for those building dashboards around interchain data. We can also see this data pool being very helpful for interchain-based hackathons, grant programs, and other developmental events or projects that require a reliable source of trustless Cosmos data.

For the KYVE, this expands our data sets and adds more work and incentivization for node runners within the network. We chose to launch this data pool to pay homage to the interchain and upcoming use cases.

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